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Contact Gregory Jbara

Always great to hear from you.

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Fan Mail/Autograph Requests

Please read all info below mailing address. Thank you.

Effective from September 1, 2011, and until further notice,
please use the address below:

Gregory Jbara
10866 Washington Blvd. # 404
Culver City, CA 90232

PLEASE DO NOT SEND AUTOGRAPH REQUESTS VIA EMAIL. THANK YOU. If you are a child 13 years old or younger who wishes to request an autographed photo of Greg, please get permission from your parent or legal guardian first! Include a note signed by your parent or legal guardian which states that you have their permission. You need to do this since Greg must have your mailing address in order to send you the photo, and we need parental permission before we can get that information from you. Once you have permission, follow the instructions which follow on this page to request Greg's autograph.
No private information (including names, addresses, email, etc.) we receive from ANYONE requesting a signed photo is ever passed on to any third parties.

With any autograph request, please be sure to include just how you'd like Greg to personalize it.

To request a signed 8X10 photo of Greg:
Please send a stamped (98 cents in postage stamps per photo), self-addressed, 8 1/2 x 11 inch (28 x 22 cm) photo mailer envelope to the current address listed on this page.

Be sure to affix proper postage to the outer envelope (the one addressed to Greg (currently about $1.20 in postage).

Requests from outside the United States: Please send a self-addressed envelope along with two international reply/postal coupons (IRC) per photo requested to the address listed below. (IRCs should be available from your local post office.)

To request Greg's autograph on a piece of paper (non-photo):
(Use the appropriate address listed above.)

Any sort of fan mail (not just autograph requests) may be sent to the current listed fan mail address.
Greg would love to hear from you!
Greg's residence address is not available to the general public.

Email Greg at - These emails go to the web site account and are auto-forwarded to Greg's personal email address. Messages in Greg's guest book are forwarded to him also. Spam/junk is NOT forwarded. Genuine, legitimate fan mail is always forwarded, as is personal mail. For autograph requests, however, please do not email your requests; please follow the instructions on this page, using the mailing address above. Thank you.